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October 14, 2011

Why do they still put perfume samples in magazines? Does anyone ever use them? When’s the last time you saw someone rip one out and rub it on? Mmmm… the new Justin Bieber fragrance, yay! Seriously—is this really the best venue for showcasing a scent?

And beyond that, what if—like us—you’re super allergic to things and those fragrance samples give you an instant rash if you touch that page? It’s like a horrible prank, lurking inside the issue. We have to subscribe to magazines that don’t include perfume samples just to avoid the hives.

Thank goodness Portland Picks is online—if you smell something, it’s definitely just you.


Charmed, I’m Sure

We shop local. But despite our best intentions, those big, tempting stores with bargains galore—you know the type—sometimes lure us through their doors. If only we could find the same kind of stuff and support a local boutique…

Charmed is a “girly boutique” with scads of super-affordable, outfit-making accessories and layering pieces like cute T-shirts under $10—bet you can’t buy just one!—and we loved the wide-brimmed wool hats for our bad-hair days (which are too numerous for comfort). Every Portland girl needs a scarf or two, and Charmed has great options in fun colors and prints. We can never have too many tights, either, and we adored the colorful stripes on offer—they’ve already inspired loads of cute fall outfits. Jen, the boutique’s charming owner, has packed the store with tempting jewelry, but our handbag addiction got the better of us. We fell hard for an embellished black hobo and festive clutches.

Now we can look the other way when we pass by the big-box shops. We’re shopping local … and buying cute things!

729 E. Burnside, Suite 105
Portland, OR 97214
Charmed on Facebook



Oh Crepe.

Shopping and snacking have always gone hand in hand. (Boutiques, here’s a tip—we will continue shopping long after wisdom and wallet dictate, so long as there is chocolate and cheap champagne.) Satisfying our demanding sweet tooth shouldn’t take half our day or budget; we’re always scouting out new spots where we can indulge without trekking ten blocks out of the way.

On one such recent shop/nosh fest, we stumbled upon Nob Hill’s Love Via Crepes. This isn’t your mother’s pinkies-up creperie. Here, Japanese-style crepes (soft-style crepes, paper-wrapped in a cone shape) and Belgian waffles are ordered from the cheerful counter staff, and can be eaten on-site or on-the-go. Creative combos of Tillamook ice cream, fruit, candy, cookies and sweet sauces are the star of the show, but don’t miss the worthwhile savory options. Most menu items can be had for around a five-spot, which means more moolah for shopping.

Bonus: Customers also get a free coin, redeemable for one of several hot coffee or tea options in their drink machine. We’re definitely feeling—and tasting—the love.

Love Via Crepes
1019 NW 23rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97210


Make That Change

Is it just us?  Seems these days everyone’s begging us to make a switch.  Switch cell phones, switch cable companies, political parties, teams. Enough already, we’re happy where we are. Of course there is one switch we don’t mind making: the switch from summer to fall. It’s not that we want to give up sunshine for rain, it’s that come the end of summer, we don’t mind giving up flip flops for boots, or  sun-dresses for sweater-dresses, skirts, and our favorite jeans.   

Another favorite—any time of the year, but especially in the fall (see above)—is Switch Shoes in Multnomah Village. Rows of sleek, funky, and functional boots line the walls next to adorable shoes and hats, silly or stylish socks, sophisticated scarves, purses, and wallets, and unique jewelry. Highlighted shoe brands include Miz Mooz, Fidji, Figura, Mango, and Ben Ishai (which is exclusive to Switch). Switch also carries clothing (all of this in one place; we can hardly contain ourselves), from skirts to dresses, tops to sweaters, and many items in between.

Rain? Who cares…we have new shoes! It really doesn’t get any better than this. 

Switch Shoes
7871 SW Capitol Highway
Portland, OR 97219

  The Time Has Come

Bid adieu to cute shoes, because the season of practical footwear is upon us. Ciao, open toes! Adios, stilettos! Buh-bye 4-inch heels! Hello warm, fugly things that don’t get squishy when it rains.

Or maybe not. These “Berries” boots by Aetrex actually have some style. They’re  “country cottage” meets “city streets,” and we’re totally into them. Waterproof and stain-resistant with a super-stretchy shaft, memory foam insole, and neoprene linings, they beat the pants off “Shmuggs.”

  Southern Style Heads North

We’ve got our own style in the Northwest when it comes to décor. Whether you go Craftsman, vintage, retro or traditional, it all still says “I live in Portland.” So why would we be interested in Southern style? Um, because it’s awesome?

Southern Living just published “style,” a book packed with home-decorating how-to’s. Our favorite tips included redoing plain doors into fabulous statements, and hanging pictures creatively. It’s a great resource—just make sure you hang local art!

Southern Living Style

  Takes One to Know One

An ex-boyfriend used to say that girls who wore hoop earrings were crazy. (Did we mention that he’s an “ex”?) Anyhoo. We love hoop earrings—they’re so graphic and simple. They make it easy to accessorize—just pop ’em on. Boom. Done.

These earrings by local designer Minoux Jewelry take the hoop-fashion factor and ramp it up by adding saucy tassels, perfect for a glam but low-key night on the town. You’d be crazy not to buy them!

Minoux Jewelry “Tassel Power” Earrings

  Are You a Bride-to-be?

Then you can’t miss the Bravo! Wedding Affair. See the latest trends and ideas in wedding and event services, all displayed in fabulous vignettes. It’s a wedding wonderland! There’s a giveaway for an overnight stay at the Columbia Cliff Villas (romantic!), and the first 10 brides that email will win free tickets to the event!

What: Bravo! Wedding Affair
When: Sunday, Nov. 6, 11 am–4 pm
Where: Embassy Suites Hotel Downtown


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